Monday, 21 November 2011

Muslim Spain's Legacy - By Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick

In depth lesson on Islamic history by Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick detailing the Muslim contribution to modern civilization and their influence on the world during their 700 year rule in Al-Andulus (present-day Spain), including the Muslim contributions to geography, navigation, astronomy, physics, medicine, chemistry, mathematics and pharmacology as well as the early history of Muslims in the Americas.

The lecture also analyzes why Muslim Spain declined from its status as a "wonder of the world" to a lost treasure which is lamented to this day. It concludes with a slideshow of photos, taken by Imam Quick himself, that illustrate much of the material covered. Other topics discussed: Islam as a religion of monotheism, Prophet Muhammad's last sermon, stereotyping, city names with Arabic roots, the Melungeons, Muslim slaves in Brazil, Spanish and Portuguese interaction with Muslim explorers, debunking the myth about Islam spreading by the sword, and the Muslim influence on Europe's exploration of the new world.